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Harmony ,Energy ,Healing ,Psychic abilities , Clarity, Calmness

Innocence and clarity. It can help the wearer to see the world through less jaded eyes and will allow the wonders of the universe to become more readily visible to them.


This stone can be used to activate the crown chakra, and can assist one in connecting with their higher self or with spirit guides. Wearing it or having it in your immediate environment is also believed to dispel negative thoughts and emotions and allow a more positive perspective to come in.


Like any other quartz, snow quartz is very open to programming and tends to hold on to a program for a long time; thus it’s beneficial to use for any metaphysical purpose. For Tarot readers it can prove valuable, as it heightens intuition and facilitates interpreting card messages. As it provides a mental setting of sharpness and clarity, it becomes easier to learn and to retain what was learnt. A stone of good luck.Crown Chakra crystal. Zodiac: All birthsigns.


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